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The block machine can be universally used for the manufacturing of pavers with and without face mix, kerbstones, hollow blocks and similar elements

The machine is built of strong section steel with 4 guiding columns. Height adjustment of feed table is made through a hand winch. The capacity of the base concrete storage hopper is approx.1200L without the hopper extension. The hopper outlet is operated by hydraulic cylinder. The up and down move of mould is driven by hydraulic. The seat of mould head is equipped with synchronized connecting rod so that both sides of two end of mould is up and down synchronously and reduce the ware between sleeves and columns.

Pallet size:1350 * 900mm
Minimum product height:50 mm
Maximum product height:300 mm
Work area:1250 *840mm
Operation Cycle:15-25s(depend on the products)
Capacity/per Pallet:12 hollow blocks 400 *200 *200mm
Vibration Motor:2 *11kw
Up Mould Vibration Motor:2 *0.75kw
The power of hydraulic station:37kw
The rated pressure of hydraulic station:16MPa
Machine weight:app 15 ton
Machine weight including 2nd feeding device:app 18 ton

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