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The block machine can be universally used for the manufacturing of pavers with and without face mix, kerbstones, hollow blocks and similar elements.
The machine is built of strong section steel with 4 guiding columns with which the mould moves up and down. The seat of mould is equipped with synchronized connecting rod so that both sides of two end of mould is up and down synchronously. The mould and mould head linked with their seat through the special rubber bush.
Filler System
The filler system is integrated one which can be moved out or into body when need. The filler box and hopper is fixed on the support frame. Their height is adjustable according to the product height. The capacity of base concrete hopper is approx 680L and outlet is driven by hydraulic cylinder.
The filler box is driven by hydraulic cylinder and the guiding rollers are inside of U rail. In the filler box there are rotating bars with sticks driven by a hydraulic motor, which with concrete compulsory movements can make the filling process fast and wet concrete in the mould well-distributed. As the final result the products are high quality.
Compacting system
The system consists of two twin-shaft heavy-duty special synchronous vibrators fixed on vibrating table, the vibrator having 2 synchronized unbalances and generating vertical oscillations. Due to this force the vibrating table, the pallet and the mould filled with concrete, move up and down. The concrete in the mould is compacted. The vibrator is Patent product which equipped the electronic brake system (also Patent). The vibrating frequency and amplitude is adjusted according to the products and material. There are many shock absorbing pads between vibrating table and body.

Hydraulic station
The hydraulic station consisting of a large-sized oil tank, oil pump, electric motor and cooling system is integrated together with the valve station beside of the block machine, which is separated with block machine and linked with soft heavy duty hydraulic pipes.
The oil pump, valves, cylinders and element are Japanese products such as Yuken.

Pos 2. Green Block Conveyor
As transport equipment on manufacturing wet side, green block conveyor is designed for smooth transportation, driven by frequency controlled motor. At the end there is nylon rollers and special brake device.
Driven motor: 1.5kw
Transport speed: 0.10.6m/s

Pos.3 Mobile Stacking Device
According to the program this device transfer the pallets with wet products and stack them automatically, two pallets once.
It is the bridge frame structure. Under the both supports there are two sets of driving and driven wheels. There are two sets of holders at both side of frame which holds pallets with wet products. It is controlled by PLC.

Pos. 4 Pallet hopper
The Pallet hopper is designed to store 6 pallets.
Pos.5 Mixing and Batching system for base
5.1 Batching machine for base
5.2 Aggregate skip hoister
It is for transport the batching aggregate to the mixer.
Hopper: 1250L
Driven motor: 7.5kw

5.3 Base mixer
Technical data:
Loading capacity:1250L
Compacted concrete per batch: 750L
Mixer features :
Interchangeable wear resistance linings, Inspection covers for easy cleaning and maintenance.

5.4 Cement scale
Weighing capacity: 500kg
Dynamic accuracy: 2%
Weighing hopper is lodged on 3 load cells. The amplifier, throttle valve shutter are included.

5.5 One wet concrete conveying belt
It is for the transport of the base mix from the mixer to the storage hoppers of block machine.
Driven motor: 5.5kw

5.6 Mixer platform
It is for the mixer.

5.7 One set of cements screws
Technical data:
Diameter: 168mm
Conveying length approx: 7000mm
Driven motor: 4kw
Capacity: 20ton/h

5.8 One cement silo
The cement silo is 60 tons with air pad, support, level indicator and dust collector. The diameter is 2800mm. The total height is about 17m. Customer makes them locally.

Pos. 7 Pneumatic Group
The pneumatic group is the acting device of related equipment with mixing plant, block machine and pallet feeder. The group includes compressor, pipe or hose, filter, cylinders, valves and so on.

Pos.8 Electric control
8.1 Electric control for block machine
The control system controls whole production line. The system consists of power panel, control desk, monitor display. The Siemens Siematic S 7 PLC and the power unit is housed in a control desk which includes joy-sticks for manual machine operation and an integrated Siemens display for data in- and output. The system stores the data for deferent products.
The elements are famous international brand products such as Siemens, Omron, Mishubishi and so on.

Pos. 8.2 Control for batching and mixing
8.2 .1 Electric control for mixing and batching for base
Automatically control base concrete batching and weighing, mixing and transporting to block machine.

Pos. 1A Face concrete feeding device
It is for the manufacturing of products consisting of face concrete. The height of feed table with feed box is adjustable. Concrete storage hopper is 500L and its gate is operated by hydraulic cylinder. The filling box is driven by hydraulic cylinder.
For mould exchange and maintenance the 2nd feeding device is moved away from the block machine.

Pos. 6 Mixing for face (Optional)
6.1 Aggregate skip hoister
It is for transport the batching aggregate to the mixer.
Hopper: 800L
Driven motor: 7.5kw

6.2 Twin shaft JS500 mixer
Face mix: JS500
Technical data:
Loading capacity: 800L
Compacted concrete per batch: 500L
6.3 Fresh concrete conveyor belt for face mix
It is for the transport of the face mix from the mixer to the storage hoppers of block machine.
8.2 .2 Electric control for mixing for face (Optional)
Automatically control face concrete mixing and transporting to block machine.
General Data Report Of
RTS6C1 Concrete Block Automatic Production Line
with Mobile Stacking Device



Area of workshop (Including main workshop, curing Area, and batching and mixing plant)


The area of stock yard for cured blocks
(Based on the capacity of 30 days, two shifts one day)


The area of stock yard for raw materials (Based on two shifts/day)


Quantity request of pallets


Total power request for the production line


Total water request for the production


he Cost of Producing 400x200x200mm insulation concrete blocks (Chinese Standard)

About 4.00RMB/PIECE

Basic Formula






r with other raw materials


(1) The unmentioned items will be supplied to you after the signing the contract.
(2) After receiving your down payment, we will supply you a completely set of detailed drawings and specifications including tolerances and details of required materials, exact dimensions etc. for the purposes of civil works to be undertaken by your esteemed company.
(3) We will dispatch engineers to your worksite for the installation and commissioning work as well as training your staff after the civil work was finished and production line was delivered to your worksite.


Capacity/per Pallet:6 hollow blocks 400 *2000 *200mm
Pallet size:900 *680 *35mm
Work area:820 *630mm
Product height:50-220mm
Operation Cycle:15~30s
Vibration Motor:2 *5.5kw
Oscillation force:80kn
Machine weight:About 7 ton

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